From 6.30pm Creative and Educational Workshops | Workshopit Come and join us for a relaxing workshop playing with watercolours! You don't need any art skill, talents or experience just a desire to give in to the process and play with this wonderful medium. 138-144 Braun Street, Deagon QLD, Australia

From 9.30am Resin Chopping Board with Sheri Vegas | Workshopit 138-144 Braun Street, Deagon QLD, Australia Bring this gorgeous Art of Resin Art to your homewares and serve up some creativity along with your food!

From 6.30pm Alcohol Inks for Beginners | Workshopit 38-144 Braun Street, Deagon QLD, Australia If you have always wanted to learn the gorgeous medium that is alcohol inks then this is the workshop for you. Join us as you are guided through creating 3 artworks, 1 A3 piece and 2 A4 pieces, by the wonderful artist, Kari Steele, over this 1.5hr evening class.

From 10am Mixed Media with Ruby Purple | Workshopit Ruby offers workshops that focus on encouraging your expressive ability in a relaxed atmosphere where she will walk you through creating and abstract artwork.