From 7.30pm Cardigan Bar | Facebook Coojee Timms has an alter-ego as an earthy, somewhat “downtown” singer. Backing himself with bitingly rhythmic and often fingerpicked guitar, bringing old school atmosphere wherever he lays it down.

From 7.30pm Cardigan Bar | Facebook Panic Merchant is a Test Tube of 4 original musos from North Brisneyland. They fit into an odd shaped Pigeon Hole. A meld of Blue Funk Acid infused with Jazz, Ska, Pop, Roots and Hip Hop Polka.

From 7.30pm Mojo Webb Solo at The Cardigan Bar! | Facebook Mojo’s live performances are the stuff of legend. His unique and engaging stage presence combines effortlessly with his incendiary and original vocal and guitar styles.

From 7.30pm Danny Jazz Trio | Facebook The synergy of Danny Mose, Russell Bayne and Linus Monsour form a trio that rearranges popular Jazz and Soul favourites to a journey of discovery and intrigue.

From 7.30pm Palomino III | Facebook The key elements of this little powerhouse lie somewhere between vintage and modern, stripped back and bare bones. Their style has been likened to “a hefty dose of moonshine with a twist of sarcastic melancholy

From 4pm Asleep at the Reel | Facebook Asleep at the Reel: Celtic Music Australian Heart - Asleep at the Reel evoke the sound of the lively Irish pub, of flying fiddles and rich voices in harmony around an open fire. Many of their songs are stories – some of them hundreds of years old – wrapped up in music.