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Sandgate Bayside

Welcome to Sandgate Bayside

This vibrant and historic seaside village continues to be popular with day-trippers thanks to its relaxed vibe, local cafes, small bars, and coastal fun. The architectural beauty of both civic and residential buildings throughout Sandgate makes this coastal village one of Moreton Bay’s heritage showpieces.

Sandgate, located below the Redcliffe peninsula, was a popular seaside destination for Brisbane’s colonial settlers in the late 1800s. Its rich historical past is a feature of the area today, with many homes and buildings reflecting the classic architectural styles of this bygone era.

Just a short 30-minutes’ drive north of Brisbane CBD, families can take the kids to the local pool, or chase crabs on the mudflats, while friends can meet over specialty coffee or beers.

Take the opportunity to walk Sandgate’s Historical Trail featuring Sandgate Post Office, Railway Station and Pier and the famous clock at the Town Hall.

Sunset over the Shorncliffe Pier is an absolute must, this 350 metre-long pier has stood since it was finished in 1884 and is popular for morning jogs or evening strolls. Ordering fish ‘n’ chip from one of the bayside’s many classic takeaway spots and making a picnic by the water is an excellent alternative.

Sandgate is renowned for its thriving artistic and cultural community with many local theatre groups, artists, and musicians living and performing in the area. It’s easy to catch live music in the area’s small, trendy bars a few nights every week.

Nature lovers come to Sandgate to enjoy the mangrove, marine life sanctuaries and protected environmental parklands of Tinchi Tamba, Deagon and Boondall located to the west and south. Take a walk through the Boondall Wetlands and view the incredibly diverse birdlife.

Your Local Chamber: buy local, hire local, enjoy local, it takes you to start the trend!

The Sandgate Bayside Chamber of Commerce is a not-for-profit incorporated association made up of community minded business people – including our Management Committee who are all volunteers. The Chamber area covers Sandgate, Brighton, Shorncliffe, Bracken Ridge, Bald Hills, Boondall, Carseldine, Fitzgibbon and Taigum. A key focus of the Chamber is to: “Empower local business by celebrating the Community”

The Sandgate Bayside Chamber of Commerce is committed to supporting both its members and the community on both a commercial and social basis. We regularly liaise with all levels of government to represent the local business on issues ranging from the regulatory burden, tourism and the environment to name a few. We have your best interests at heart and only want the best for the people of Sandgate and surrounding suburbs.

We are committed to assisting local businesses grow. By coming together with the Chamber, local businesses can collaborate and work together in achieving our mission of encouraging economic development and growth. The Chamber can significantly increase awareness of your business throughout the local area and beyond by giving your business the exposure it deserves. This is on both an internal level through local community media and events and externally by advertising Sandgate as a desirable location to live and visit.

It is our priority to ensure all of our members enjoy all the benefits and value that come with being a part of the Sandgate Bayside Chamber of Commerce.



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